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Technology in the Classroom
In addition to the computer lab that is available for classes to use, FWCA has technology in classrooms across the campus.  Every classroom is equipped with a flat screen television and laptop computer for instruction and interactive learning.  Some classes are equipped with the latest flat panel smart boards that allow teachers and students to interact digitally during classes.  Students utilize the computer lab throughout the week to reinforce skills in phonics, reading, and mathematics. All students may  access computer software from home to receive further review and practice.  Links to the computer lab programs are found on our website under Recommended Sites.

High school students utilize a wide variety of applications on Ipads and other sites that may be used from home for additional practice and review of math skills including Algebra I and II, Geometry, Biology, Pre-Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, history, and health.  In addition, high school students may view their daily lessons from home through A Beka's online video streaming option.  High school students may view grades and the Digital Locker on TeacherEase.  Parents are urged to encourage students to login and stay current with assignments and grades. High school students also use tablet notebooks in the classroom for research, remediation, standardized test preparation, and writing assignments.

Bus Policy
Please review the bus policy in the student handbook.  All students must comply with bus rules and regulations to ensure the safety of every passenger at all times.  Parents are asked to review the rules with their child.

School Safety
Please follow posted speed limits (5 MPH) when dropping off or picking up children. We have asked local law enforcement to patrol the area surrounding the school to help enforce drop-off and pick-up areas as well as posted speed limits. Please be careful!

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