Family Worship Christian Academy
"Changing a Generation One Child
at a Time"

A Sneak Peek at FWCA

Our high school students experience a rigorous, college-preparotory academic environment.  Each high school student is provided with an Ipad that is used in the classroom on a daily basis for interactive lessons, teacher-student blogs, journal writing, research, review, standardized test practice, ACT prep, remediation, and assignments. In addition, classroom teachers guide student learning through assignments and projects designed to promote independent thinking and decision-making. Teachers and students interact digitally through smart boards and Ipads or tablets.  Teachers work as facilitators who manage day-to-day lesson completion, reviews, remediation, and reteaching.  Teachers also oversee graded assignments and maintain current information regarding students' progress on TeacherEase.  Upon completion of the state-mandated requirements for high school graduation, our students are eligible to apply for federal financial aid for college, qualify for TOPS, apply for scholarships, and apply for admission into any college or university.

Our pre-k program is funded through the Nonpublic Schools Early Childhood Development (NSECD) Program.  The program follows the Creative Curriculum that incorporates research-based, developmentally appropriate methods to prepare students for entry into kindergarten.  In addition to teacher-directed lessons, students engage in center-based experiences that stimulate learning through doing.  

Our pre-k students follow a rigorous academic program designed for kindergarten readiness.  Skills ranging from language development, phonemic awareness, writing development, number recognition, scientific discovery, geography, world cultures, and a multitude of other skills are intertwined into interactive and engaging learning opportunities.

Annually, FWCA welcomes back many of our NSECD students whose education is funded through the state's scholarship program.